A downloadable game for Windows

Wreckaholic is a game about 'You' the Character that  goes around a city Avoiding Traffic & Pedestrians and doing the assigned Objectives like:

-Deconstructing Buildings

-Renovating Buildings

-Constructing Buildings

-Demolishing Buildings

For now This game is in its First Alpha and only has the Deconstruction of Buildings & the destruction Physics Need Improvements this is The Foundation Build and Updates will come Slowly but Hopefully Packed to The Brim with Bug Fixes, Content & Your Suggestions!

Developed By RoyalT Studios


"E" to Interact with Buildings

"Tab" to Change Perspective

"Backspace" to Reset

"Esc" to open Menu

"WASD" to Move

-Problems, Bugs & Improvements

Minor Download Problems :

This should now be fixed if not Please contact me and i will try sort it out ASAP.

The Problem : People Not Being able to Launch Executable (e.g. Logiar)

Install instructions

64-Bit Download Only (Until Future Updates)

Download ZIP / RAR File

Extract From ZIP / RAR File

Run as Administrator



Wreckaholic A01.rar 377 MB


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Game Dev is going slow until i have access to the 4.23 Unreal Engine 4 Destruction tools to make actual destructible buildings

Otherwise for a quick update there is now going to be gas and petrol implemented (When wreckaholic is updated next) and working gas stations

The new destruction tools in 4.23 will enable me to create a replica of every building but destructible and crumble realistically instead of the Block that spawns in. until then development will be slow and schooling isn't helping either but i will try to keep you guys updated